Thursday, May 2, 2013

Charts 05-02: Ending-Diagonal update

An ending-diagonal triangle 5th wave continues its move sideways and up.  Today sure felt like a (iii), huh?  [a] of (iii) of v of 5 to be exact.

Summer is coming, and I'm planning numerous trips out with the girls.  Each year their legs grow a little more, so I can take them further out into the shit.

It's my little one's turn for Lake Eleanor and Grand Park in Mt. Rainier NP this year.

Grand Park, Mt Rainier NP

I promised my almost-seven year-old that she would see her first bear this year if she wants -- and she does -- so I'll take her up and over Cascade Pass in North Cascades NP and into the high basins beyond in search of one.  

Both girls together, we'll hit the Ozette loop trail out on the WA coast, maybe go looking for glaciers on the Cascade River trail, probably do something in the William O. Douglas Wilderness, and hit the rain forest at least once out in Olympic.  The girls are great fun and very reliable on the trail.

SPX 05-02
The ending-diagonal looks good, and is on track to complete into the end of next week.  I knew Friday was the May New Moon, but I didn't notice until today that it is also an annular eclipse!  So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

Locusts, too, by summer.

I was looking for a slight pop at the open the other day and missed my entry into UVXY.  No worry, it didn't gain that much, and now she's headed for a 5-handle.

Sweet Christ, Denninger's losing it again.  I just ... shake my head ... 

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Christian Gustafson said...

Looking at the POMO schedule, it looks more likely we would get the bulk of the first drop off the E-D on Monday, May 13. No POMO is planned.