Saturday, December 29, 2012

Charts 12-28

I still don't see why we can't have one last burst up toward 1500 -- into January opex.  For all of the drama in the overnight /ES futures this past week, the actual trading during RTH is tepid and full of overlaps.  We closed right on the .382 retrace of where I have got "A" charted.

The pols will work out something stupid in the next couple of days, which ought to get us through a few weeks.  Or ... or ... this POTUS really is out golfing while it's all falling apart.  I can't wait to see this guy when the SPX is making new lows below 666 and his approval rating is about at, I dunno, 13.1 percent.

After the holidays, I'll be back posting regularly.  Long story, involving a little Kunstler-ische happy motoring.

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