Thursday, October 18, 2012

Charts 10-18

Making our way sideways and up to 1486 a week from now.  Waiting for the target, especially if it has the shape of a terminal pattern or bearish wedge, and if VIX drops below 13.

I count the 2007-2008 cycle as A down in 3 waves; here are the A and B waves leading into the crash:

A and B of A, 2007-2008
I'm using these early waves as a benchmark for the upcoming cycle.

1 and 2 of C, 2012-2013
Lots of spare notes and ideas on the charts.

The final target of C down is SPX 160, sometime in 2014, based on a 1.618 fibonacci extension of the rally up from 666.  When it completes, the petrodollar standard will come unglued and the U.S. dollar will collapse.  Good time to have an orchard and some geese, a flock of pilgrims or some embdens.

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