Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Charts 9-26: Last call

Today looks like it finished off the wave 4, especially if we count the B wave as a sideways triangle.  /ES is +5.50 tonight, which bodes well for a final 5th wave up going into mid-next week.

The McClellan oscillator could have us bottoming, too.

SPX 9-26
The weekly Bollinger on the SPX is up in the 1470s -- we want to tag it one more time before rolling over.  Here's some more eye-candy from Olympic National Park this past weekend while we wait for a top.

rain forest along the N. Fork Quinault
sulphur shelf
Mt. Olympus south face
Queets River valley
trail-less wilderness


sooner said...

Once again, great call.
Looks like we are giong to blow through the top of Daneric's wedge. I guess the next point to watch is your weekly bollingers.

christiangustafson said...

Hey, thanks, Sooner.

McHugh has a couple of phi mate turn dates coming up, too, but I can't really mention them here until after they happen. They're his proprietary work.

But they do inform my charts. If they are significant turns, I'll post something suitably hagiographic for the good Dr. McHugh.