Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Equinox Inspired Condominium Homes!

Matt Goyer has a thread with some doomed Equinox bagholders, so I decided to post some pix I took of the complex on my walk to work this past Saturday.

One theme stands out: this is an incredibly flimsy and poorly-built complex.

Look at the styrofoam walls go up!   

I have one thing to say to buyers of these units: sold to you!

This is nearby on Eastlake, not sure what name it has, or what "lifestyle" they are going to embrace here (urban kayaking?  dinner parties?  drinking wine with girls?)  I post it to show the scale of the projects STILL GOING IN OH MY GOD on Eastlake these days.

I have seen a sign

Seven months ago I abandoned Deflation Land to welcome my 2nd daughter, Claudia Bea, into the cruel world.  Her arrival has put a real crimp in my walking about town, especially to work, and photoblogging it.

I had some stuff to do in the office this weekend, so I walked in from my Crown Hill rental on Saturday.

I saw something important:

The nut on Phinney Ridge has finally taken down his obnoxious $750,000 sign.

This is a sign.  

I must photoblog Seattle's decline.