Thursday, April 18, 2019

One more time ... one more high ...

I guess I should be angry about this.

sofia leung tweet

But she's exactly right.  I agree completely.

We should thank Sofia Leung for being direct and honest with us about the matter.

Books and libraries are just so much whiteness.

$NDX made a new high this week, so we can expect the same for $SPX, etc.  Timing works well for a few weeks from now, in May.

SPX hourly

Support is down around the 2260 level before they do something at the June FOMC.  But they may just kill the balance-sheet normalization schedule, leaving rate cuts for when things get truly desperate.

SPX daily

Real price-discovery puts the S&P 500 back at 500; it would be nice if we could get it over with this year, so Trump can start working on his 2020 campaign.

SPX daily again

If the market implodes, though, Trump will have no choice but to dump everything he has got on the treasonous Democrats.  The 2020 election would then be the most epic event of our lives, after the market panic and meltdown.

We'll get MMT eventually -- it's the logical conclusion and exciting finale of the path we took in 1913.